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Frequently Asked Questions - "Ask the Artsperts"

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The following are links to the "Ask the Artsperts" articles written by Kristine Meek and Juliana Meek, owner-directors of Harmon-Meek Gallery and Harmon-Meek|modern, respectively. These articles have been published in "Life in Naples" Magazine since January 2014, and are based on genuine questions. We answer questions using an advice column format in a fun and informative way. We hope you enjoy reading these articles and continue asking questions!

Types of Art
click on each topic for a pdf of the article.

Modern versus Contemporary Art
Abstract versus Non-Objective Art
Bronze Sculpture
Egg Tempera Medium
Pastel Medium (Is it Chalk?)
A Primer on the Various Types of Prints
Giclee Explained
Texture in Art
Mesh as a Medium
Seeing Art in Person (vs online)
What Defines American Art

Acquiring Art
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First Time Fine Art Purchase
Art as an Investment
Is Oil on Canvas Best?
Galleries versus Auctions
Dealers versus Decorators
Collecting on a Budget
Prolific Artists
Commission Conundrum with Copyrights
Art as a Gift
Passing on Art
Introducing Fine Art to Children

Art in Private Collection
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Works Behind Glass and Reflection
Wall Space Solutions
Unusual Places for Art
Art in the Bathroom
Storing Art
Restoring Egg Tempera
Shipping Art
Preparing for a Hurricane

click on each topic for a pdf of the article.

An Art Dealer's Start to Collecting
Advice to Artists - Donating Works to Charity Auction
Advice to Artists - Errors of Estate Heirs
Loaning Exhibitions to Museums
Copyrights and Transformative works
New York City - Center of the Art World

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