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Dear Friends,

Neither of our two gallery spaces are currenlty open to the public due to COVID-19. However, Bill Meek and Juliana Meek plan to continue to be present in one or both gallery spaces to answer calls and email, which is allowed under the Safer-at-Home order. We have no employees to put at risk.

We are also allowed to ship sold works to our clients or we can store sold works. Unfortunately, we cannot install works in your home as we normally would until this has passed.

We invite you to visit us virtually! Kristine and I have been posting to social media and YouTube every day! We are posting daily videos of works in our private collections from our homes also.
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At Harmon-Meek|modern, we are pleased to present "People and Places" with Adolf Dehn and a feature for Jessica Daryl Winer
Click here for more details on our Harmon-Meek|modern page

At Harmon-Meek Gallery, we are pleased to present a beautiful exhibition for Reynier Llanes "Book of Life".

Our third solo exhibition for Reynier Llanes “Book of Life” delves into the fantastical stories of his past and his visions of the future. It is a narrative of characters and events as once told by his grandfather during his childhood, along with other stories and fables he has heard over the years. The pieces in this collection depict the characters in these fables and narrate how they have traveled from distant lands and from distant times to tell their story. These stories have touched Llane’s life and shaped his creativity and imagination so that they are intrinsically part of him.

The exhibition catalog can be found at this link

In his words, “My inspiration comes from literature, music, cinema, and daily life. My daily routine enables me to meditate and use my creativity to serve these stories and inspirations. I begin my mornings with sketches and watercolors. This is the time I use to keep inventory of my ideas and to allow them to further inspire me. Many of these characters have been depicted in my work before, whether in a different geographical location or in a different state of their physical evolution. I use a variety of mediums in my work: oils, watercolors, coffee, and charcoal. They are all equally important to me as they allow me full expression, each in its’ own sector. I’m often asked what my favorite medium is or what my favorite subject is, and the answer is that my favorite is the subject and medium in which I am currently working at that moment. “The Book of Life” is about taking all the information that life gives us and living in the moment.”

We look forward to seeing you,

Kristine Meek

work by Llanes
Works by Reynier Llanes
at Harmon-Meek Gallery

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