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Dear Friends,

Joan Konkel solo exhibition is currently at Harmon-Meek|modern located at 382 12th Avenue South Joan Konkel, transforms industrial materials into works of art that create illusions of softness, depth, and motion. Many viewers are fooled into believing the medium is fabric, when in reality, she works in finely woven aluminum and copper mesh. Konkel begins each work with a painted canvas from which she the applies mesh that she paints, bends and layers. The resulting work is abstract, but her technique is precise and exacting.

Konkel’s drive and focus is a fascination of illusions created from opposing forces of light, such as absorption versus reflection and refraction. Her work often just a few inches deep, appear much deeper in person with light bouncing off each strand of mesh and color. This effect gives rise to another natural manifestation, moiré patterns. The moiré effect fractures the blend of colored layers into distinct hues, and forming geometric patterns. In person, these moiré patterns create the illusion that her work is in motion. The patterns change as you walk by, move your head, or when the light changes in the room. Her works truly come alive in person.

William Entrekin solo exhibition will be at Harmon-Meek Gallery January 2 - 16. People often ask us how we find our artists and in truth we are approached nearly every day by artists seeking representation. In this case we found William Entrekin through The Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Georgia, which had a solo exhibition of his work that struck the eye of Juliana and Kristine back in 2014. The Morris Museum of Art also recently published a book about their history and permanent collection including a two-page spread about Entrekin.

Proficient in watercolor, egg tempera and oil, Entrekin’s subject matter specializes in people and places in the South. Born in 1946 to a small town in Georgia, William Entrekin was often viewed as an outsider as a child and found himself spending more and more time alone. Those days of solitude marked the beginnings of a vibrant imagination and detailed attention to the beauty of his surroundings. Entrekin describes his perspective when looking at painting as trying to "imagine myself inside it and I imagine myself breathing in it." He continues by saying that "When I can feel the crispness of the air, smell the trees or sea air around me, then I know that it’s right."

Recent museum acquisitions include the Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, and the Museum of Art in Deland, Florida.

Harmon-Meek Gallery is open Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm and by appointment.

We look forward to seeing you,

Kristine Meek

works by Joan Konkel
Works by Joan Konkel
on Exhibit at Harmon-Meek|modern

work by William Entrekin
"Bayside" by William Entrekin
egg tempera on panel, 24" x24", 2019
On Exhibit at Harmon-Meek Gallery

January 7, 2020
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