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Dear Friends,

We are currently celebrating our 60th Season in Naples!

Our current exhibition is Richard Segalman - Silhouettes

Richard Segalman (1934-2021) explored all aspects ofthe figure, developing and mastering a special ability to capture and convey feelings and personalities. Several of his early figurative works were purchased by a noted New York collector, David Daniels, who later gave these works to the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the 1970s, Joseph Hirshhorn added many works by Richard to his collection and later donated these works to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Segalman always had a great affinity for painting the pristine beaches of Naples. Beyond Naples, Richard also used his studios in Greenwich Village in Manhattan and his home in Woodstock, NY, for settings for his work. Richard mastered many types of media, including pastel, oil, watercolor and monoprint/monotype. Monoprint is where the artist creates a unique image with ink on a thick piece of glass or Plexiglas. While the ink is still wet, the artist places the paper over it gently and then runs both through a large rolling pin press. If the artist then touches up or adds more ink to the finished print then it is called a Monotype. The glass is wiped clean ready for whatever the artist wishes to create next. Richard Segalman would often say creating a monoprint was either Halloween or Christmas because if the paper moved even just slightly, the work would be ruined.

Represented in over 50 museum permanent collections, Segalman has been a Harmon-Meek Gallery artist since 1981. We have had a solo exhibition of Segalman's work every year for over 40 years. Following last year's memorial exhibition, we have drawn from the entire body of Richard’s work to curate a new themed exhibition. There are always hidden surprises when an artist passes with works that have never been exhibited during the artist’s life and many of the works in this exhibition are just that. We had the opportunity to go through every work in Segalman's studio and in the process we discovered works Richard never showed us in previous visits. That's how we uncovered this beautiful theme of silhouettes. This exhibition of masterful paintings will surprise and excite Segalman patrons as well as those new to his work.

382 12th Ave S | Tuesday - Saturday | 11:00-5:00

Paintings by Richard Seglman. Sculpture by Lorrie Goulet

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kristine Meek and Juliana Meek

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