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Dear Friends,

We are honored to present: Reynier Llanes - Timeless Origins. March 5 -16. Open Tuesday-Saturday 11-5 at 382 12th Ave S.

*Be sure to stop by in the first week to view the full exhibition.

Works by Reynier Llanesr

The paintings of Reynier Llanes have evolved in the years we have had the honor to represent this remarkable artist. Llanes has emerged as an expressionist in his style. However, his work goes further than expressionism. There is often a story to each work that is poetic in nature. As such, Llanes created a new form of expressionism, that we classify as Lyrical Expressionism.

Whether his works are coffee on paper or impasto on canvas, Llanes’ work is meaningful and transformative. There is a sense of the past and the future in his work. Often Llanes' works will transport the viewer to another place, where they become lost in the colors, textures, and images. The stories Llanes creates with his work continue to unfold the longer and more often a work is viewed. Llanes' works can be romantic in nature also, bringing forward memories and thoughts of our own relationships. The many facets of Llanes, combined with his talent as an artist has resulted in the magic that we see in his work. Llanes is influenced not only from his perseverance in his youth in Cuba, but is inspired by poetry, literature, mythology, technology, and one of the most significant aspects of life, becoming a father. Llanes is an intellectual artist who continues to inspire our own throughs and imaginations.

Timeless Origins is an exciting series that was most recently on exhibit with the Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL. His work will go on to be displayed later this year at the Gibbs Museum in South Carolina. We are honored to present this thrilling collection, titled Timeless Origins.

From Executive Director of the Polk Museum of Art, Dr. Alexander Rich:

"So much of human experience is about in-between-ness — what we call liminality — and the liminal space between the past and the future forms the core of the recent work of artist Reynier Llanes. Llanes (b. 1985) is a fast-rising art world star, whose symbolist narrative paintings underline not merely his immense talents as a realist but also his ability to conjure convincing not-quite-real realities of his own imagination. Indeed, Llanes' fascination with the blurred boundaries of time and existence, as well as the fine lines between mysticism, belief, and science, stem from his own experiences between two worlds; as a young emigré from Cuba, he came to the United States in 2007 at twenty-two years old and as an already enormously talented, academically-trained artist, but one who spent his whole life up to that point immersed in one set of traditions before fleeing his country to seek asylum in Florida.

This exhibition, allusively titled Timeless Origins, features paintings by Llanes that thus look forward and backward simultaneously, speaking to our 21st-century world of today and to the rich personal and shared cultural histories Llanes carries with him as a proudly Cuban-American artist based in Miami. Whether grounded in Cuba tradition or as if out of our dreams, every one of Llanes' vibrant, question-inducing paintings engages each of us at the intersect between our minds and our hearts. Truly, Llanes' paintings hover between familiar and unfamiliar, specific and universal, traditional and technological, drawing us in through the beauty of their composition and the themes that resonate with us collectively as people of here and now.'

Click to View a pdf of Works in this Exhibition

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Juliana Meek

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